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THE SOLUTION is a business consulting firm that provides business consultancy and legal services specializing in Azerbaijan for the foreigners. Our aim is to enhance corporate competency and performance through result-based solutions, effectively combining processes, to cover all type of business related services in one stop, people and systems, designed to match clients individual requirements. Our unique set of business and legal services include International & Azerbaijan Business Law,Immigration Law, Civil Law, Real Estate, Franchising, Marketing, Tax&Accounting, Business Coaching and IT.

Working in cooperation with all company divisions, cross-divisional units, and regions, The Solution has a diverse group of colleagues that provide comprehensive consulting expertise, services and a profound understanding of your business. THE SOLUTİON specializes in the development and implementation of sustainable solutions tailored to meet the needs of our customers. We seek to further develop our core consulting fields in a methodical and consistent manner. The Solution’s strengths include: proximity to our customers when generating solutions, ensuring the usage of internal know-how, and quick sharing of knowledge.

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality professional services in the most efficient manner to manage costs, time, and resources for our valued clients.

Our Vision

To Use our efficiency and expertise to deliver all type of business services in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Cultural Statement

Our company culture revolves around efficiency, as we value every employee, service provider, and stakeholders’ time, talent, and resources.

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